What are Sunshine Living's requirements to drive the boat ?

1) You must have 2 years minimum boat experience to drive all of our boats. 2)If born before 1988 you only need a valid drivers license 3) If born after 1988 valid drivers license and safety boaters course Take the boat safety course for free here:

What is the Cancellation Policy ?

We offer a full refund if cancelled 2 days before departure. We offer a full refund in case of small craft advisories or named storms day of the trip. Non-optimal weather is not concidered a reason for a refund. We wish we could promise 85 degrees and sunny everyday but it just doen't work that way. :-)

Is all required safety equipment onboard?

Yes! Absolutely, we take safety very serious and all of our boats have all the required USCG safety equipment. In addtion all the boats are equiped with first aid kits. We have life vests from infant to XL adult.

Do you have tubes for rent?

Yes, we offer tubes for rent on the Bayliner 197 and the Starcraft 1915 OB. Not all the boats can pull tubes. Tubes are $30/day.

Are there depth/fish finders on the boats?

Yes, all boats come equipped with depth/fish finders.

How is fuel for the boat rental paid for?

You will start with a full tank of gas. You can fill up on the water and return it with a full tank or we will fill it up after your rental and you will be charged what you used. We charge $4.50/gal ethenol free gas.

Is there a late fee for returning the boat late?

Yes, you will be charged $100 late/convinicenvce fee for the first hour starting 15 min after your rental is due to return. And $100 every hour after.